DEC 14-23, 2018

@ Burr Mansion, 739 Old Post Rd, Fairfield
Presented by Fairfield Center Stage & the Fairfield Museum
Adapted from the Charles Dickens’ novel by Christy McIntosh-Newsom
Directed by Perry Liu
Choral Arrangements by Clay Zambo

“A Christmas Carol Experience,” a new adaptation of the Dickens classic, will be an immersive theatrical experience that will take the audience through the many rooms of the historic Burr Mansion as they follow Ebeneezer Scrooge and the Three Ghosts on their journey. The evening will also feature a choir singing carols and dancing at Fezziwig’s party.

Ebenezer Scrooge: Steve Benko, Jacob Marley: Eric Dino, Ghost of Christmas Past: Sana “Prince” Sarr,
Ghost of Christmas Present: Matt Casey, Ghost of Christmas Future: Everton Ricketts, Bob Cratchit: William Squier,
Mrs. Cratchit: Lisa Dahlstrom^ / Anne Collins^^, Martha Cratchit: Jenny Silence*/Nora Watson**,
Peter Cratchit: Patrick McMenamey, Belinda Cratchit: Cassidy Meehan*/Carly Mofenson**, Tiny Tim: Nathan Horne, Fred: John McAveney, Lily: Kyra Culup, Lily’s Sister: Amanda Brenner, Topper: Nick Carrano, Stocks: Virgil Watson, Bonds: Kevin Pelkey, Young Scrooge: Sean Davis, Boy Scrooge: Britton McGrath, Belle: Adelaide Meny, Fan: Emma Kathryn*/Amanda Miller**, Mr. Fezziwig: Kellen Schult, Mrs. Fezziwig: Lindsay Johnson, Miss Fezziwig: Rebecca Pierpont, Dick Wilikins: Nick Giotis, Mrs. Dilber: Kelley Wright, Old Joe: James Hisey, Turkey Boy: Nicky Faustini*/Nikki Adorante**, Want & Ignorance: CJ Newsom, Muhammad Sarr
Ghost Guides: Josh Cardozo¹/Isaac Liu², Emily Seanor, Genevieve Seanor, Kaylin Weller
Carol Singers: Brian Crook, Bobby Henry, Marnie Kruse, Carolyn Reeves, Melissa Zambo

*Team ‘Figgy Pudding’ will perform on:
weekend 1: Fri 12/14 @ 6pm & 8pm; Sat 12/15 @ 12pm @ 2pm
weekend 2: Thurs 12/20 @ 6pm & 8pm; Sat 12/22 @ 6pm & 8pm; Sun 12/23 @ 12p, 2pm, & 4pm

**Team ‘Cider’ will perform on:
weekend 1: Sat 12/15 @ 6pm & 8pm; Sun 12/16 @ 12pm, 2pm, & 4pm
weekend 2: Wed 12/19 @ 6pm & 8pm; Fri 12/21 @ 6pm & 8pm; Sat 12/22 @ 12pm & 2pm

^Lisa Dahlstrom will perform the role of Mrs. Cratchit on:
^^Anne Collins will perform the role of Mrs. Cratchit on:
¹Josh Cardozo will perform the role of Ghost Guide on:
² Isaac Liu will perform the role of Ghost Guide on: