Open call auditions will be held throughout the season. Thank you to all who attended our Season General Auditions on June 2 & 3. Our remaining productions (Matilda, A Christmas Carol Experience, Wit, and Mamma Mia! will be held throughout the season, dates tba)



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Emcee- Master of Ceremonies at the Kit Kat Klub – presented as a genderqueer character comfortable with being close to both men and women. Comedic, loveable, comfortable with being sexual and comfortable in his/her own skin. Requires agile stage movement and dance. Age range and appearance flexible. Speaks with a German Accent. Vocal Range – Middle C to High C# – Tenor.

Sally Bowles – A British Cabaret singer at the Kit Kat Klub. A quirky character that comes across as flighty – yet at times struggles with knowing the darkness of the reality of her life as a cabaret performer. Comfortable with stage movement/ dance and comfortable with her own sexuality. Age Range 20s to 30s. Speaks with a British Accent. Vocal Range – Mezzo Soprano – Strong Belt. Any ethnicity.

Clifford (Cliff) Bradshaw – THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST.

Fraulein Schneider - A landlady who rents rooms in her large flat. Comfortable with stage movement and light dance – waltz. Age range 50+. Speaks with a German accent. Vocal Range – Low D to Ab above middle C – Alto

Herr Schultz – One of Fraulein Schneider’s roomers and the proprietor of a Fruit Shop. Comfortable with stage movement and light dance. Age Range 50+. Speaks with a German accent.Vocal Range – Low G to High F – Baritone

Fraulein Kost – Another of Fraulein Schneider’s roomers. She earns money by offering favours to sailors – presentation of the character should exhibit a strong sexual comfort and commanding nature.Comfortable with stage movement. Age Range – 30s to 40s. Speaks with a German accent. Vocal Range – Low A flat to High F – Alto/Mezzo

Ernst Ludwig – A friendly and Likeable German. Takes English lessons from Cliff and smuggles funds for the Nazi Party. Comfortable with stage movement and light dance – waltz. Age Range – late 20s-40s. Speaks with a German accent.

Kit Kat Klub Girls (5-8 will be cast) – Kit Kat Club Performers and Various Features. The individuals will also be part of various scenes as performers and as club patrons. Ladies of various shapes and sizes and comfortable with sexuality. Excellent dance skills required. Age Range – 18-30s. Vocal Range – Strong Singers in all voice parts. Any ethnicity.

Kit Kat Club Boys (5-8 will be cast) –  Kit Kat Club Performers and Various Features. Should be comfortable with portraying free in gender depictions. Features (Bobby, Victor, “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” etc.) will be drawn from this group. Excellent dance skills required. Age Range – 18-30s. Vocal Range – Strong Singers in all voice parts. Any ethnicity



MATILDA: The title character of the story. Though she is SMALL, she is MIGHTY. Enigmatic, serious, intense, VERY STRONG acting ability, clear voice with strong pitch and clarity. She carries the entire show. May double cast. Any ethnicity.


MISS HONEY: Matilda's kind-hearted teacher. Soft spoken and kind. She befriends Matilda. While she is tired of living in fear under Miss Trunchbull, she struggles to find the courage to stand up to her. Vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: F3. Any ethnicity.

MR. WORMWOOD: Matilda's uncaring father. A slimy, greedy used-car salesman. Strong comedic acting needed. Vocal range top: A4 Vocal range bottom: D3. Any ethnicity.

MRS. WORMWOOD: Matilda's self-absorbed, negligent mother and an amateur ballroom dancer. Strong singer & dancer needed. Vocal range top: F5 Vocal range bottom: A3. Any ethnicity.

MRS. PHELPS: The kind Librarian who takes a liking to Matilda. Strong actress. Lovable and warm. Any ethnicity.

MICHAEL WORMWOOD: Matilda's older brother. He is not very bright and favored by their parents. Comedic actor. Any ethnicity.


BRUCE: Essential Vocal ability for “Revolting Children”. Acting ability. Comic. As part of the action on stage this role is required to eat chocolate cake, cream & icing. Must not be allergic to cake/icing ingredients. Any ethnicity.

LAVENDER: Essential Good dance. Strong singing and acting. Loud and kooky - likes to have fun - big personality. Any ethnicity.

AMANDA: Strong dance and vocal ability. Any ethnicity.

ALICE: Strong and Bold. Strong dance and vocal ability. Any ethnicity.

HORTENSIA: Feisty. Strong dance and vocal ability. Any ethnicity.

ERIC: Small as possible. Strong dance and vocal ability. Any ethnicity.

NIGEL: Requires vocal stamina for spoken dialogue. Strong dance ability. Strong vocal ability. Any ethnicity.

TOMMY: Strong dance and vocal ability. Any ethnicity.

ENSEMBLE: A very STRONG group of dancers and singers. Featured roles include THE ESCAPOLOGIST & THE ACROBAT (They are characters in Matilda’s story. Both must be strong singers and dancers. They are in several numbers),  RUDOLPHO (Mrs. Wormwoods Latin dance partner. Strong singer & dancer), DOCTOR, PARENTS, CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINER, PARENTS, COOK, HENCHMAN, SCHOOL CHILDREN and Other featured parts with solos & lines. These characters will play numerous roles in the show. Acting, singing AND dance needed for these roles. Adults and Children.




Ebenezer Scrooge: A selfish old man grown bitter and jaded and annoyed by everyone and everything around him. He has alienated friends and family and love in the pursuit of money, but is about to embark on a life changing adventure with the help of Three Ghosts and an old friend. Scrooge is the audience’s eyes and ears, as the audience will follow him from room to room in the beautiful Burr Mansion on his journey and ultimate transformation. 

Bob Cratchit: 30s-40s. Scrooge’s clerk, a family man. Scrooge has worked Cratchit to the bone, but his joy for life and affection for his family remain untouched. Despite his difficult existence, he is still filled with hope and humor. Though he worries about how to put food on the table, he somehow always finds a way to provide treats for his children.

Jacob Marley: 40s-60s. Scrooge’s partner, an ambitious, practical man, with no sentimentality. Marley is a product of a newly industrialized England and places money and financial stability above all else. He appears to Scrooge as a Ghost to warn him of what’s to come should he not change his selfish way of Life.

Ghost of Christmas Past: Child. Infectious spirit and warmth. Must have a powerful presence, senseof humor, wit, and mischief, and a fabulous laugh to boot. Has an implicit understanding of right andwrong and is not afraid to let Scrooge know it. Must sing well.

Ghost of Christmas Present: Ageless. Very spirited with an ethereal quality. Must have great command of language. Bosses Scrooge around a bit and knows how to use tough love. May double cast.

Ghost of Christmas Future: A beautiful and terrifying wraith, the Ghost of Christmas Future is strong and silent as they show Scrooge what will happen to him and those around him if he continue down the path he is currently treading.

Young Scrooge: 20s-30s. An innocent Scrooge before he is corrupted at the hands of Marley. A conflicted youth torn between the need for financial security and the desire to connect with other human beings. At the beginning, he possesses a sense of fun and humor and is a viably positive member of society, and though he falls in love with Belle instantly, one year later, he spurns her just as quickly.

Belle: 20s. Scrooge’s fiancée who gets left behind because of his obsession with money. A woman ahead of her time, Belle is fiercely idealistic. There is a sadness about her; she holds people to high standards and, predictably, ends up horribly disappointed with Scrooge.

Nephew Fred: 20s-30’s. Scrooge's nephew. An optimistic and kind young man. Witty and able to trade barbs with his Uncle. Should be an attractive leading man with a slightly goofy edge.

Mrs. Cratchit: 30’s-40’s. Caring but fiery, she will defend her family at any price. She is the glue that holds her family together. Nurturing, warm, the salt of the earth. She criticizes Scrooge more than anyone because of what he is doing to her devoted and downtrodden husband. Working class London Accent.

Mr. Fezziwig: 30’s-50s. Young Scrooge’s boss, who is generous (to a fault) and expansive and giddily in love with his wife. Fezziwig is a kind hearted and jolly man, but not a fool. He has great integrity and refuses to sell out to Scrooge and Marley. Must move well.

Mrs. Fezziwig: 30’s-50’s. Ditzy, gabby, and overflowing with warmth; she is certain that she and her daughter are great beauties. A good-hearted meddler. In love with her husband and entirely convinced of the goodness of those around her and the bounty of the world. Must move well.

Mrs. Dilber: 30s-60s. Scrooge’s dedicated and dithering servant. Working class British. Quirky and funny – but with great pathos. She has always gotten Christmas Day off but, for some reason, tonight her boss is sterner and crabbier than ever. A character woman.

Mr(s). Stocks and Mr(s). Bonds: (30’s-60’s) Giddy but determined men (or women). Good-hearted and well-intentioned, they seek charity as a dynamic duo. They cannot believe that anyone would NOT give towards their cause. They finish each other’s sentences as if they were one person.

Lily: 20s. Fred’s wife and an extremely kind and graceful young woman. Lily always sees the best in people. She is tenacious and refuses to give up on Scrooge because she realizes how much family means to her husband.

Boy Scrooge: 9-13. This is the sweet, innocent Scrooge before he becomes the Scrooge of legend. He is the only one left alone in his school yard during Christmas recess. His only hope is to go home to his family and when his sister Fan shows up, he things she will make that dream come true. When he learns that is not the case, his heart is broken – as is ours.

Fan: 13-18. Scrooge’s devoted sister – becomes Fred’s mother. She risks a lot to see Boy Scrooge for one last time. Very emotional, but must keep in control for fear of exposing too much sorrow to the boy.

Peter Cratchit: 10-14. The elder Cratchit child – a very industrious, bright, energetic, positive force in the family. He does all he can to help around the house and makes special efforts to care for little, Tiny Tim.

Martha Cratchit: 9-13. The second eldest Cratchit child who works in a textile factory away from home. She misses her family terribly and makes the most of every opportunity to be with her family. She has learned much from her mother about caring for a house and caring for people.

Belinda Cratchit: 6-9. The second youngest Cratchit child who is adorable and sweet and is about to learn how to make the family’s secret recipe for Christmas pudding.

Tiny Tim: 5-7. The youngest Cratchit child, frail, weak, suffers from an ailment which causes him to be on crutches. He is eternally hopeful and sees the suffering in others much more than the suffering in himself. Must be less than 50 pounds.

Turkey Boy: 8-11. A petite delivery boy who carries a huge turkey to the Cratchit house upon atransformed Scrooge’s instructions. Must have great comic ability.

The Choir: A choir of carol singers who will sing for the audience as they make their way through Burr Mansion. No dancing necessary!

Miss Fezziwig: Teens. Beautiful daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig. Must move well.

Dick Wilkins: Teens-20s. Young Scrooge's co-worker and friend at Fezziwig's. Must move well.

Lily's Sister: Teens-30s. Lily's sister attending Fred's Christmas party. Very merry and full of cheer (and wine).

Topper: 20s-30s. Fred's best friend. More interested in Lily's sister than the actual party!

Old Joe: 40s-60s. A seedy old man who runs a black market and purchases Ebenezer's stolen goods from Mrs. Dilber.

Ghosts: Ageless. Ghosts that help lead and guide the audience throughout the house. They communicate through movement. Seeking strong dancers.

Want & Ignorance: Two small children, 4-6 years old. Must be able to portray the personification of their names without words, and should not be afraid to be spooky! Part of the pre-show.




Harvey Kelekian, M.D. - 50M; Chief of Medical Oncology, University Hospital. Any ethnicity.

Jason Posner, M.D. - 28M; Clinical Fellow, Medical Oncology Branch. Any ethnicity.

Susie Monahan, R.N., B.S.N. - 28F; Primary Nurse, Cancer Inpatient Unit. Any ethnicity.

E. M. Ashford, D.PHIL - 80F; Professor Emerita of English Literature. Any ethnicity.

Mr. Bearing- Vivian’s Father. Any ethnicity.

Ensemble - Lab Technicians, Clinical Fellows, Students, Code Team **Actors should be dancers/movers and will have a dance/ movement audition.



Donna Sheridan: The owner of the Taverna on the Greek island of Kalokairi; Sophie’s mother, (around 40, American). She is the former lead singer of “Donna and the Dynamos. Honest, straight and hard-working, she is the most naturalistic and vulnerable of the characters. Delivers some of the biggest solos in the show. (The Winner Takes it All, Slipping Through My Fingers, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Money Money Money, among others.)

Sophie Sheridan: Donna’s headstrong 21-year-old daughter, Sophie is determined to have what her mother never had: a traditional family and a father to walk her down the aisle. Young, bright and energetic, she has lived all her life on the island and is ready to leave. (I Have a Dream, Honey Honey, The Name of the Game, Lay All Your Love on Me, Under Attack, among others)

Tanya Cresham-Leigh: One of Donna’s oldest and best friends, Tanya (around 40) has married several millionaires and discovered a lot more about plastic surgery than love - to the extent that she was ever looking. Wild, fun-loving and a big character, she flirts mercilessly with young men, happy to play, but not to stick around. (Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Does Your Mother Know, among others)

Rosie Mulligan: Donna’s friend (around 40, American) a former member of the Dynamos; unmarried, free-spirited and a renowned author of cookbooks. A character who has developed a confident, funny and self-deprecating exterior which masks her inner vulnerability. Mostly comic, yet one of the most poignant moments in the show in the heart of Act 2. Dances like nobody’s watching. (Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Super Trooper, Take a Chance on Me, among others)

Sam Carmichael: One of Sophie’s Potential fathers and a wealthy architect (40-50, American). Sam has regretted leaving Donna all his life and now finds himself divorced and back in her presence. He is straight-laced, confident and composed. At times he is perhaps a little over-bearing, but he is determined not to mess up the second chance he has been given... a very true and honest character within the chaos. (S.O.S., Thank You for the Music, Knowing Me Knowing You, among others)

Harry Bright: Another of Sophie’s potential fathers and a respected London banker, (40-50, English). Once a head-banging, partying musician who went down the straight road - at least with his career. He is quirky, in the closet and something of a romantic nostalgist. A nice guy, determined to make up for some past regrets and full of singing. (Thank You for the Music, Our Last Summer, among others.)

Bill Austin: Another of Sophie’s potential fathers, a well-known travel writer, Bill has visited the far reaches of the earth, but never found what he’s really looking for. A real character (40-50, often English or Australian), Bill has generally avoided the complexities of a relationship and now wonders if it’s too late. Lots of comedy and a golden heart within. (Thank You for the Music, The Name of the Game, Take a Chance on Me, among others)

Sky: Sophie’s fiancé; a former stockbroker who moved to the island in a young version of a mid-life crisis. He is older than Sophie (25-32, American), but smitten by her exotic charm. Perhaps he is too eager to please and has not quite found all the answers he had hoped for on the island. (Lay All Your Love on Me, among others)

Ali & Lisa: Sophie’s friends who have traveled to the island for the wedding. (early 20s, American) A supporting double-act of bubbly, bridesmaidy excitement, not necessarily gender-defined. (Honey Honey, among others)

Pepper: A flirty waiter at the Taverna featured through his brief relationship with Tanya. (20-25, could be from anywhere). Hot, energetic and fun-loving, makes a great double-act with Eddie. Opportunity for a good mover. (Take a Chance on Me, among others)

Eddie: A waiter, boatman and handyman at the Taverna. Other half of double-act with Pepper. (20-30, American). Fairly non- specific. Opportunity for a good young character actor to create something interesting.

Father Alexandrios: The minister who officiates Sophie’s wedding. A Greek Orthodox priest, this is a potentially delightful little role for a character actor of non-specified gender with some imagination. A nice little turn in Act 2 for someone who doesn’t want too much to sing.

Ensemble: Seeking strong singers and dancers of all ethnicities, types and ages to round out the ensemble of this high-energy, pop-heavy musical.