Q1: In session #2, how will you handle having such a wide range of ages in the program (grades 1-10?) Will the younger children be relegated to the background? Will the older children get bored working at a slower pace around the younger children?

A1: Because we're tailoring the material to the children who have enrolled, we will make sure that everyone is paired appropriately. The older, more experienced children will be challenged with more difficult choreography and material to keep them engaged. The younger children will not have anything thrown at them that they cannot handle!

Q2: What will a typical day look like?

A2: We will begin the day with vocal and physical warm-ups. We will then rehearse material for the show. If you are not working with the director on a specific scene, we will be playing theatre games and breaking into smaller groups for workshops and smaller group rehearsals. 

Q3: If my child needs to miss a day, be late or be picked up early, is that ok? 

A3: That’s totally fine! We just ask that you get in touch with our parent liaison, Chelsea, and ideally with 24 hours notice so that we can adjust the rehearsal schedule accordingly. We understand that illnesses happen. If your child is ill and cannot attend rehearsal, please call Chelsea by one hour before rehearsal. 

Q4: Will we need to provide our own costumes for the shows?

A4: Families may need to provide shoes, pants, skirt, or leggings from their existing wardrobes, but we do have a costume designer for stylized pieces. 

Q5: Does my child need to prepare anything for the audition?

A5: We will send audition material for your child to prepare in the weeks leading up to the first day. On the first day of each session, we will begin with vocal and physical warm-ups, and then each child will sing the song that they have prepared for that day. If your child is too nervous to sing by him or herself, he/she may sing with a buddy. They may also be cast alongside that buddy and share a vocal solo. They also have the option to sing either with the cast recording, or with a karaoke track. We will then have everyone who would like to be considered for a principal role read a scene that they have prepared. 

Q6: Does my child need to have singing or acting experience to participate?

A6: Not at all! We have a wide range of kids with absolutely no experience to kids who have appeared on Broadway who have participated in our shows in previous years! We go through all of the basics for those who need it, and make sure that the veterans stay busy and challenged, as well!

Other questions? Email christy@fairfieldcenterstage.org