Eli Newsom,
Executive Producer / Music Supervisor


Q: What is your favorite song from this show and why?

A: I'm torn between two songs so I will break the rules of this question and choose both: "The Origin of Love" and "Wicked Little Town", because of their beautiful melodies and somber lyrics. I'm very much moved by the examination of loneliness in music and theater, and I think these two songs effectively depict Hedwig's desire for connection. Wanting to see Hedwig succeed in finding this connection is, in my opinion, at the core of what makes this show so memorable for audiences.

Q: Not counting this show, do you have a favorite rock musical? (And why?)

A: While I'm a lifelong fan of the classic rock musicals that started first as albums, like Jesus Christ Superstar and Tommy, my favorite rock musical theatrically is Next to Normal. This Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-Winning masterpiece explores several unlikely subjects of for a musical: grief, depression and other mental illness. Through its powerful and melodic pop-rock score and vibrant characters, I think it will stand the test of time for decades to come.

Q: What are challenges producing this show?

Our challenges as a team are, in my opinion, the same things that have us alertly excited --- we will be performing our season at six different venues, so first off, each space has its own variety of technical demands regarding stage & audience layout & size, lighting & sound needs, and crafting the production budget is unique for each show. Secondly, since many of these venues are not primarily theater spaces, our aim is to elegantly immerse our production into the existing space. I think our Artistic Director Christy has done such a great job choosing shows for each space that will allow us to both explore a fresh artistic approach to some of these older shows, as well as highlight these venues around Fairfield in an exciting way for audiences.