Emily Frangipane, Choreographer


Q: What is your favorite part of the show and why? 

A: I love when Hedwig talks about finding your other half. That your other half doesn’t necessarily have to be the opposite sex, your other half is your other half. Regardless of who you have had relationships with in the past. 

Q: Not counting this show, do you have a favorite rock musical? (And why?)

A: Without a doubt. RENT. The music moves me. The story touches me. And my first experience with RENT was waiting online for 8 hours for front row seats.

Q: This show breaks down gender roles with a genderqueer title role and a male character played by a woman. How was your choreography influenced by this twist on traditional gender roles?

A: I didn't want to choreograph according to how which gender is typically “supposed to” or “allowed to” typically move. I trusted Lance and Alexis to be truthful in their characters physicality; to be exactly as the felt they needed to be. I just tried to tell the stories that the lyricist gave me through movement, and let their specific character choices come through.