Lance Anthony,


Q: The character of Hedwig has a rather unique and specific story. What might the audience be surprised to find they have in common with her?

A: The simplest explanation of this story is that Hedwig is just looking to find her “other half” like everyone else.

Q: What is your favorite part of the show and why?

A: I love the end of the show. Once she realizes her “truth”. It’s four songs back to back, with almost no dialog, but so much emotion.

Q: Not counting this show, do you have a favorite rock musical? (And why?)

A: Jesus Christ Superstar is my favorite rock musical. I have loved it since I was a kid. I’ve been lucky to be involved in four productions (twice as Jesus, once as Judas, and once as   Director). Funny enough, Hedwig also loved Superstar as a child.

Q: What do you admire about Hedwig most?

A: Her tenacity. For all the shit she’s been through in her life, she keeps on trying, and she does with a sense of humor.