Q&A with William Squier (Miss Trunchbull)


Q: What's the most fun part of being in "Matilda?”

A: Playing Miss Trunchbull has allowed me to justify all the years I’ve spent watching hammy UK actors on public television. Because I’m stealing my performance from all of them. A little Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket), a little Anthony Hopkins, a little Angela Lansbury, a little Patrick McGoohan, a little Maggie Smith, a little Alan Rickman, a little Jennifer Saunders (AbFab) and you get Agatha Trunchbull! I’ve mixed a few Americans in, too. See if you can guess who!

Q: Why do you think people should come to see this show?

A: Surprisingly, it speaks to the situation in the world today. If a young lady like Greta Thunberg can wake the entire planet up to the dangers of climate change, who knows how many other “Matilda” there are out there who can also save the world? Maybe story of “Matilda: the Musical” will help to inspire them. Plus, you get to see what happens when I get a newt in my knickers…

Q: If you could play any of the kids' parts, who would you choose, and why?

A: Definitely Bruce Bogtrotter. I’m a big fan of both getting to eat onstage and chocolate cake!